(Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences-Microbial Ecology Laboratory)


Top row Left to right: Zhiping Zhong, Miguel Martinez, Kelsey Crossen, Nicole Raab, Joanne Emerson, Gary Trubl, Virginia Rich, Ben Bolduc, and Yueh-Fen Li

Bottom row Left to right: Moira Hough, Rose Vining, Greg Zane, and Isabel Morales (not pictured: Kate Winters, Josh Kolengowski)

Our lab studies how microbial communities impact biogeochemistry and global change. Our research projects examine microbial community-environment interactions, span both terrestrial and marine habitats, and bring a molecular microbial perspective to collaborations with biogeochemists and modelers for an integrated systems approach. Our projects frequently have indirect socioeconomic implications for humans, since they often map microbially-mediated ecosystem services and climate feedbacks. Specific areas of interest include multi-level community response to change, meta-omics especially metaproteomics, microbial carbon cycling, and viral-bacterial interactions.

Our team includes talented undergraduate researchers through post docs – if you’re interested in our group please visit our wiki and it’s “join us” page! We are part of the Microbiology department at The Ohio State University. Our lab began in the Soil, Water and Environmental Science (SWES) department at the University of Arizona, with affiliations with the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department and the Molecular and Cellular Biology department, as well as the Institute of the Environment.



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